Ae exp Trevor Jopkins

You must complete The Spore Summoner Quest before speaking with Trevor Jopkins. There is a reason why this is refereed to as The Master Quest, it involves becoming master in every monster category. The npc Trevor Jopkins is incredibly difficult to locate. This quest hasn't been 100% completed and it will most likely be updated at some point. It's recommended to hold off on turning in part 2 until it gets updated, or even hold off on doing the quest completely. Side Note: He will attack guards in Lotor's Castle. If you try to talk to him he will say something about a disease making you crazy if you haven't killed The Spore Summoner yet.

  • Location: New Korelth
  • Reward: Experience / ?
  • Difficulty: Difficult

  • Part 1: Travel to New Korelth, located south of Lotor's Castle, and head to the graveyard South West of town. If you are really lucky you will find him traveling from the graveyard north to Lotors Castle. He has a 24 hour timer in which starts once he is killed, usually by a mob as he travels to Lotor's Castle or by guards inside. If he isn't in the graveyard travel North-North West to the coast, up the coast, and through Ettins, to Lotor's Castle. Should you ever find him he will tell you to kill 3 enemies of Lotor and bring back items to make a gift. Return to Trevor once you have completed his task. Receive Experience. Lame...
1.) Scalo - Scalo's Brains
2.) Meklor - Meklor's Head
3.) Hulga - Hugla's Guts
  • Part 2: If you are really really lucky to find him a second time he will tell you to become Master of all monster categories. Once completed return to Trevor for your reward. Receive Experience. Lame!!! The monster categories are as followed:
  • Part 3: After you speak with Trevor he will send you north to Lotor's Castle to speak with the Whisperdale Emissary. He will proclaim you a Knight of Lotor and will grant you an audience with King Lotor, which never happens thus ending the quest.