Tof exp Tiger Claw Necklace

Tiger Claw Necklace is a must have for most players. Should grab some help if you are a lower level. It would be a smart idea to do the Tiger Pelt Cloak Quest at the same time. Watch out for White Fang, the tiger boss!

  • Location: New Royale
  • Reward: HP Regen Food /Tiger Claw Necklace
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to New Royale and speak with Cindy Mcabe. She is located in the Jewelry Shop.
  • Part 2: Collect 30 Large Krythan Crab Meat. Large Krythan Crabs are located along the coast East of town. You will get a Quest Update for each Large Krythan Crab Meat. Return to Cindy Mcabe when you have finished for your reward. Receive 10 HP Regen Food.
  • Part 3: Obtain 10 Tiger Claws. Tigers are located far South of town. You will get a Quest Update for each Tiger Claw. Return to Cindy Mcabe for your reward. Receive Tiger Claw Necklace.

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