Soc exp Pollution Problem

It has been said that this Quest is one of the longest in AE (along with Sutekh's Stolen Gems Quest). Grab help for the Artonian Rebel Spy part.

  • Location: Rahura
  • Reward: Experience/Gold
  • Difficulty: *Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult

  • Part 1: Travel to Rahura and speak with Naxthel. He is located near the bank.
  • Part 2: Speak with Lupinsix, also in Rahura. He is located in the North West part of town. Return to Naxthel when you have finished.
  • Part 3: Kill Lupinsix's Lieutenants until you get a book drop. They are located far North East of town in a crypt. They are few in spawn will take you a while to complete. Grab a buddy if you need to. Return to Naxthel when you have finished.
  • Part 4: Drop the Book onto Naxthel.
  • Part 5: Speak to Lupinsix one last time and return to Naxthel one last time.

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