1000 Sand Wurms100 Desert Scarabs100 Ettins
100 Golems100 Ogres100 Perfect Caiman Hides
200 Fire Elementals200 Ice Demons250 Perfect Caiman Hides
35 Fire Dusts50 Angry Snowmen50 Fire Dusts
50 Ghosts50 Orc Raiders60 Caiman Hides
80 Perfect Caiman HidesAccess Portal to RahuraAccess to Resource Valley
Afflicted TreeArtonian QuestArtraxis Quest
Ashen Empires WikiAttributesBaniti's Son
Beekeeper GrotzBen's Fishing QuestBlessed Amulet of Isos
Blue Crab Necklace/RingBlue Crystalline RingBone Dagger
Cadence's BaubleCape of StormsCombat
Combat skillsCrab BisqueCrystalline Shield
Daenlyr's BelongingsDalvon MinesDarkwing Access
Dawat WorkerDeliver PackageDire Wolf Quest
Dragonian Skinning KnifeErika and ValerieEvil Quelling Quest
Exports QuestFaqFind Informer
Forged Skull ShieldGameplayGarkel's Glasses
Gem of the DeepGetting StartedGetting Started Part 2
Goba LongbladeGolih's Fishing RodGorilla Quest
Graal RoachardGreater Dragon Island AccessGuardian of Rahura
HapunaHeartwood Bow QuestHoward Kaps
Inscription RubbingsIvogurIvy Plated Boots
Jenkins BootsJenn Talbot's ShovelJoining SCAB
Karter Jons Kobold QuestKey to Dragon LandKobold Chief
Krog / Arda QuestKrog SewersKudah
MagicMarla MoculousMaturin
Nachup's ScarfNon-Expansion QuestsOld Gerald
Oonga's Lost PetOrbsOrbs and Attributes
Palm Woven GlovesPirate Quelling QuestPlayer character
Pollution ProblemQuest of the Astari GuardQuests
Reunite the LoversRineguileRing of Eight
Ring of HealthRunesRussel Pikerman
RydylSands of Creation QuestsSavannah Gear
Scorpian QuestScrotore's KnapsackShargar
Sir WilliamSkillsSlay the Kobold King
Son of ScaloSozal CaveSpells
Spore SummonerSupplies for Fort EastwatchSutekh's Stolen Gems
SweetnessTalazars Revenge QuestsThe Spore Summoner
Tides of Fate QuestsTiger Claw NecklaceTiger Pelt Cloak
Titan Hide Gear Skinning QuestTomato QuestToxin Blood
Trade skillsTrevor JopkinsTwisted Amulet
Unlock Farstead Keep DoorValekar's FortressVarios
Warg QuestWilco ThatterWyvern Hunting Quest
Zebra Hide Gear Skinning QuestZombie Quest
File:AELogo.pngFile:AE icon.icoFile:Ae exp.PNG
File:Attributes.pngFile:Attributes Description.pngFile:Character Creation.png
File:Create an Account.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Exclamation mark-blue.png
File:Exclamation mark-green.pngFile:Exclamation mark-red.pngFile:Fb-Twit.png
File:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Human.gif
File:Join Channel.pngFile:Logged In.pngFile:Lord Trembley.png
File:My Account.pngFile:New Character.pngFile:Night Elf.gif
File:Orc.gifFile:Patch.pngFile:Pixel Mine Launcher.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Run Save Cancel.pngFile:Soc exp.PNG
File:Tof exp.pngFile:Tr exp.PNGFile:VWC.png

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