Tof exp Joining SCAB

First part of this Quest is a no brainer. Best to grab some help for the Shark Tooth.

  • Location: New Royale
  • Reward: Experience
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to New Royale and speak with Harold Newlock. He is located by the dock.
  • Part 2: Kill 100 Krythan crabs. They are located just North of town. Return to Harold Newlock when you have finished.
  • Part 3: Speak with Gerald Newlock in the Pub. Return to Harold Newlock.
  • Part 4: Obtain Shark Tooth. Kill Sharks until you get a Quest Update. Return to Harold Newlock when you have finished.
  • Part 5: Unfortunately Harold Newlock lied to you and he now has a shinny new Shark Tooth and all you get is some experience. DOH!

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