Tof exp Erika and Valerie

This Quest will require a lot of traveling so get a speed buff.

  • Location: Roycroft
  • Reward: Experience/Gold
  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Part 1: Travel to Roycroft and speak with Erika. She is located inside the Salty Dog Tavern on the East side of town.
  • Part 2: Speak with Valeria, also in Roycroft. She is located in the Jewelery Shop in the South West side of town.
  • Part 3: Travel to Maraket and speak with Aison. She is located in the Bluefin Cafe, the first building on your left when you enter town.
  • Part 4: Travel to Whisperdale and speak with Christine. She is located in the Starlight Tavern right behind the Spawn Gate.
  • Part 5: Return to Roycroft and speak with Chelsea. She is located on the patio of the Salty Dog Tavern.
  • Part 6: Travel to New Royale and speak with Ricardo. He is located North West of town in the open space of the mountains.
  • Part 7: Return to Roycroft and speak with Erika for your reward.

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