Tr exp Crystalline Shield

Having a friend help will save you alot of time. Luck has alot to do with this quest as you search for each piece. A drop could take you 10 kills, it could take you 100 kills. A good spawn of Crystal Golems can be found around a large mountain west of Duremar.

  • Location: Farstead Keep
  • Reward: Crystalline Shield / Experience
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Farstead Keep and head west until you happen across a house. Speak with Elsinea and she will instruct you to collect 4 crystal pieces.
  • Part 2: Kill Crystal Golems to collect these pieces and return to Elsinea with each item as you find them.
1.) Eye, Receive 40k experience
2.) Hand, Receive 50k experience
3.) Heart, Receive 70k experience
4.) Essence, Receive 100k experience. Receive Crystalline Shield

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