Soc exp Access to Resource Valley

This Quest requires several trip to Jail, so be prepared to hurt up your reputation. Have a good 1.5k HP when you fight Malnassy he hits pretty good.

  • Location: Khafra
  • Reward: Access to Resource Valley
  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Part 1: Travel to Khafra and speak with Malnassy. He is located in the Pub. You will have to speak with him several times until he mentions having a drink you (drunk cheapo).
  • Part 2: You will have to jail yourself somehow. When you arrive in jail speak with Cibola. He is located in the North part of Jail.
  • Part 3: Travel to Jeel when you are out of Jail, Jeel is North of Lotors Castle, the place you spawn when you get out of Jail. Click on the chest behind the thrown, it is located in the building on the East side of town.
  • Part 4: Return to Jail and speak with Cibola.
  • Part 5: Return to Malnassy when you are out of jail.
  • Part 6: Kill Malnassy.
  • Part 7: Return to Jail and speak with Cibola for Access to Resource Valley.

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